A Week in the Life

A Week in the Life: Encounters at The Stovall House
Open to members to make The Stovall House estate a part of their weekly routine for themselves, their work partners, and their families, here what one might expect at The Stovall House. With a variety of reasons to visit, an equally wide range of experiences is expected from each of the members. Let’s take a look at some examples of a week in the life of The Stovall House.

9:00 am, Breakfast Meeting at The Orangerie

Florida days are hot, but on this morning the Florida air brings a fresh breeze with hints of the coming fall season. You pull up to the complimentary valet as you do on most Monday mornings. The smell of the garden seems to surround you as you step onto the grounds, hearing the crunch of the pea gravel under your feet. Today you have a table waiting for you at The Orangerie and you head directly to the restaurant. This is your favorite way to start a Monday morning.

When dining alone, you would take your regular seat near the window, reading headlines on your phone and checking up on your email. Today you have a business breakfast scheduled. Greeted by name by the host, you are shown to your table.

7:00 pm, Evening Programming Event

When you heard your favorite Broadway show was going on tour, you were the first to purchase your tickets. Then you heard The Stovall House was holding an intimate evening with a few members of the cast and you were the first to sign up.

The evening begins with a dinner at The Orangerie. Next, you move into the a private room for coffee and desserts. As you take your seats, the lights dim as five of the performers enter the room for an amazing acapella performance. The performers take their seats in arm chairs in the center of the room for a time of Q&A. It is a late night, but it is one to remember.

11:00 am, Working Remotely in the House

With the ambient music and calming atmosphere, working on your laptop in the house gives you the headspace to focus. It’s a pause between the hustle of your home and a busy public coffee shop. Before getting settled into your work, you help yourself to coffee and a light snack from The Butler’s Pantry. You head upstairs to the library to begin your workday. The upstairs of the house includes a library, desks, and plush seating areas. There is always the right workspace you are looking for at The Stovall House.

Since the season brings a glimmer of fall weather, you take some business calls on the house’s porch, overlooking the gardens and historic greenhouse in the distance. It’s a relaxed pace from your office at work and you are able to think more clearly while making business decisions.

7:00 pm, Taco Night at The Orangerie

Thursday nights at The Stovall House have become a bit of a tradition. The typical menu is pushed aside and only once a week a selection of tacos, churros, and margaritas are served. This is a night for the whole family to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Taco nights are bustling evenings at The Orangerie. The dining room is full of couples, families, and friend groups catching up. There is a trio of live musicians in the corner. The food, atmosphere, and company - everything on taco nights feel warm and welcoming.

It is almost the weekend and a slow dinner with good company is just what you needed. After dinner, you walk over to the house for a drink at Harry’s Bar. Unlike the loungy atmosphere of the house during the day, the house is transformed into a lively affair at night. When other venues in the city closes for the night, you can count on Harry’s Bar to be open for after-dinner drinks.

4:00 pm, Checking In at the Guest Suites

Your friends haven’t been to Tampa in a decade and you are beyond excited to show them around your city. Their flight lands at 3:30 pm and you meet them at The Stovall House as their car pulls up to the main entrance. You warmly greet your guests as the staff unloads their luggage from the car. The Stovall House is the perfect first impression of what Tampa has to offer in this new decade.

You walk through the house as you show them your favorite places to work in the house. You peek into The Orangerie to show them where you have reserved a table for dinner this evening before showing them up to their accommodations for the week. They check into Suite 208, a suite filled with rich patterns and soft earth tones. Your guests remark how beautiful the suite is before you leave them to get settled for their stay.

1:00 pm, Baby Shower in the Greenhouse

On Saturday, you attend a friend’s baby shower at The Stovall House. You drive up to the valet attendants, exit your car, and make your way through the beautiful gardens toward the greenhouse. The decor for the event is beautifully orchestrated. Flowers and pastries line the tables, along with soft pink ribbons and antique tea cups.

You place your gift on the table and take your seat with friends for afternoon tea. You take a sip of your warm earl grey tea and look out the windows surrounding you. You are thankful to be here to celebrate this special time in your friend’s life. Before the baby shower concludes, the entire party heads to the private gardens to take photos with the mom-to-be. The lush gardens offer a beautiful backdrop for the photos.

11:00 am, Yoga on the Grounds

One of your favorite programming events is weekly yoga in the gardens. Branded yoga mats and waters are laid out in the gardens upon your arrival. The warmth of the sun is welcome on this chilly day, so class is in the middle of the sunlit lawn.

After yoga, you join your out-of-town guests for a mimosa at The Orangerie. Brunch on Sundays is a crowd mixed with dressed up families to couples in smart casual weekend attire. Natural light fills the space as you take your seats under a beautiful cluster of lanterns hanging above you. Later in the evening you head back to The Stovall House for a causal gathering to celebrate a friend’s birthday. With the beginnings of fall weather in the air, the birthday gathering starts in the private gardens. Along the meandering path around the property, an outdoor courtyard with a fire feature sits warmly waiting for guests. The evening is full of laughter, good company, and the beautiful glow of the estate at night.

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