the club

the estate

The thoughtful planning of the estate invites members to slowly meander or quickly get where they are going. The versatile nature of the property allows members to entertain guests for a lively social gathering or find headspace alone to think. Every corner of the estate has been considered, offering a sense discovery and wander. A feeling of modern day and a sense of the past greet guests at every turn.

the grounds

From the meandering paths surrounding the estate to the central reflecting pool on the property, the grounds at The Stovall House have been thoughtfully conceived.

A relocated greenhouse is situated on the east end of the property and welcomes upon driving in the grounds. Features of the grounds include gardens, greenhouse, serene fountains, a terrace with a fire feature, lush landscaping, expansive green lawns, and outdoor seating on the home’s original porch.

the house

The house is the historic mainstay of the estate. Built in 1909, the house is one of the oldest and best examples of classical revival architecture in the Tampa Bay area. Built by L.T. Trousdale (Florida Brewing Company manager), the home has been owned by Wallace Stovall (Tampa Tribune publisher), Harry Teasley (Coca-Cola executive), and now Tate and Blake Casper.

Being used for both special events and private study, the house will be modernized for members’ use while also instilling a sense of the past.

the orangery

Named after fashionable European greenhouses, the Orangery is the restaurant at The Stovall House. Influenced by Moroccan courtyards, The Orangery will be filled with a variety of textures and surprising elements, including handmade tile, brass parrots, oversized lanterns, blue leather, checkerboard limestone floors, and antique rugs. The Orangery will be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

the pavilion

When needed, The Stovall House is a respite and a home. This feeling extends to the interior design choices of the guest suites. Adorned with antiques and a collection of fabrics, none of the five guest suites are the same. Rather than a typical hotel design, the suites are individually designed.

The guest suites will be housed over the meeting spaces in the pavilion. This area also includes a multipurpose room, a private dining space, and private gardens.

the experience

The Stovall House is a modern-day iteration of a social club, a hub for members to connect, and a place for influencers to converge. We seek to stay fresh in our offerings, curious in our design, and forward-thinking in our hospitality. We offer members a space to enjoy refined programming, elevated dining, and lavish hospitality.

The heart of the club will be a dining experience that rivals the best in the world. The Stovall House’s restaurant, The Orangery is inspired by Moroccan courtyards and set in a lush botanical garden. Educational, musical, wellness, and artistic programming will be curated for members, bringing in world-class thought, taste, and talent leaders to enrich the lives of our members.

We aim to create a space for you to gather for a conversation, meet new friends at a programming event, or enjoy company during a personal celebration. We are creating a space to wander, mingle, entertain, and relax. It will be a place for community and celebration, a space for the special and the everyday, and a respite between home and the outside world.