“I knew when I came here in 1893 that Tampa would one day be a wonderful city. I never lost track of that idea. I still believe it will be more than I ever expected.”

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The History

Built in 1909 by Florida Brewing Company manager L.T. Trousdale, The Stovall House is one of the oldest and best examples of Classical Revival architecture in the area. Not long after Trousdale completed the house, Wallace Stovall, publisher of the Tampa Tribune from 1893 to 1925, purchased the home and retained ownership until 1943.

From 1943 to 1991, the property changed hands two times before being purchase by Harry Teasley, former Coca-Cola executive.

Mr. Teasley did much to improve the estate. Substantial renovations and additions to the historic house were made, including a greenhouse, guest quarters and an entertaining pavilion. In 2018, Tate and Blake Casper purchased the property for the estate’s next chapter.
The Vision

An Impeccably-Designed, Historic, Membership-Based Estate. Enjoy shared meals, thoughtful experiences, reflective moments, and conversations with friends.

Incredible culinary experiences await with private dining as well as casual meals crafted to each member’s tastes.
An open cultural platform with stimulating thought leaders, from near and far.
Well-designed and curated estate grounds to include lush gardens, tranquil spaces, and plenty of opportunities for recharging.
The ideal atmosphere for cultivating community and building relationships.
The Experience

Steeped in over one hundred years of history, The Stovall House will be an intimate escape from everyday life, inviting members to use the estate as it best suits their lifestyle and needs.

We look forward to providing a private and comfortable environment, allowing each member to enjoy the simplest things in life, alongside world-class amenities. Each space will be designed around recharging, reflecting, connecting, and learning, with personalized service at every corner.

Members will be encouraged to interpret the spaces to fit their individual needs, allowing each stage of the day and each visit to bring a new experience.