the vision

The Stovall House is a modern day iteration of a social club, a hub for members to connect, and a place for influencers to converge. Capturing the desires and undercurrent of culture for generations to come, The Stovall House will always be imagining, evolving, and staying fresh.

The estate offers spaces for working, dining, relaxing, socializing, and entertaining. The grounds include the historic home, public and private dining, private gardens, a multipurpose room, and a variety of outdoor gathering spaces. Both quiet and lively, luxurious and comfortable, a home and away from home - The Stovall House is different things to different members.


A hub for members to connect and a place for influencers to converge.

Membership offers elevated dining at The Orangery, refined programming events, drinks at Harry’s Bar, suites for out-of-town guests, and lavish hospitality. Options also include junior (under 35) memberships.

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