reciprocal clubs

Members of The Stovall House will have access to reciprocal clubs across the U.S., Canada, and Iceland.
For more information or to request access please contact

Los Angeles, California

The Aster

The Aster was conceived around the deeply held belief that the next generation of private members’ clubs will embody the warmth, welcome, and sophistication of the world’s best boutique hotels.

Guests to The Aster choose their own adventure among exclusive bar and restaurant spaces, extensive wellness studios, the stylish pool lounge, and beyond. The sprawling club features a screening room, cabaret room, dedicated office space, and a recording studio. Guests also enjoy exclusive rates on The Aster's all-suites hotel.

The Aster is a place to refuel and refocus. They weave the pleasures of hospitality into everyday living. Surround yourself with people, sensations, and experiences that nurture your best thinking.


San Francisco, California

The Battery

The Battery exists to provide its members an ideal social environment for interaction and inspiration. They're here to play host to bright minds with big ideas, provide an atmosphere that’s simultaneously stimulating and relaxing, and offer cocktails, cuisine and culture worthy of discussion.

The Battery is a place to engage with others. They do their best to keep phones pocketed when not in use and step away when talking on them. Laptops are always welcome in the library, and should be used sparingly in other areas, and only during less social hours.

Anyone staying in one of the guest suites is considered a resident member of The Battery during their stay, and has access to many of the club’s facilities.


Denver, Colorado


Intentionally cultivated community, born from the collision of arts, local culture, entrepreneurial endeavors, and living a more meaningful and impactful life. Clayton's community values character over capital.

Surrounded by like-minded individuals in a space that encourages and nurtures guests instincts to thrive and grow, they progress at Clayton. They are a community united by their commitment to best represent the remarkable locale of Denver – and continuously evolve it.

They convene, converse, and celebrate. They know there is a science to getting the room just right. A good feeling you get as soon as you walk through the front door, inviting you to experience something new, exciting, and utterly compelling. At Clayton, they're inspired and driven by their defining pillars: Be Fun. Be Curious. Be Authentic. Be Inclusive. Be Generous.


Toronto, Canada


Clio is an evolved and elevated private members’ club for a generation of members grounded in purpose and seeking quality, connection and inspiration. A unique gathering place for a diverse community of bright minds and inspiring leaders who share a passion for the pursuit of excellence and recognize the importance of connecting with like-minded individuals.

The club is situated in the heart of Toronto’s King West village inside the inspired architecture of a bygone garment factory that has been reimagined into a creative, leisure-oriented “atelier”. With dynamic lounges, restaurant, vibrant bar, contemporary art gallery, cinema, roof terrace, and versatile private spaces offering custom-tailored environments for a broad range of activities and experiences.

Members and Alliance visitors are invited to a variety of events and experiences throughout the year, with fulsome monthly calendars insightfully programmed and expertly curated to their varied interests and discerning tastes.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fitler Club

Fitler Club is an urban social club for socially conscious, forward-thinking Philadelphians, combining world-class dining, fitness, social, and business offerings all under one roof, but it’s the community that creates the buzz.Opening the door in 2019 in the heart of Center City, Philadelphia, Fitler Club boasts a stunning 14-room hotel, unparalleled gym and spa, 34,000 square feet of workspace and private office suites, and refined yet relaxed culinary and event venues.The Fitler Club campus sets the stage for Philadelphia’s growing community of business, creative, and social leaders to socialize, connect, dine, exercise, work, celebrate and play – it’s all happening at Fitler Club!


Reykjavik, Iceland


Kjarval is a private members club, coworking- and social platform in downtown Reykjavik, Iceland. The club celebrates creativity in any shape and form, and the clientele represents their vision. Hence, Kjarval is a networking powerhouse for arts, business, politics, entrepreneurs, and academics. The social club is a platform for people who want to inspire others, be inspired, or enjoy a good cocktail and a glass of wine in beautiful surroundings.

Kjarval gets its name from Jóhannes S. Kjarval, one of Iceland’s greatest and most influential painters of the 20th century. Kjarval occupied the workspace from 1929 until he passed away in 1972. Kjarval became a prominent figure in downtown Reykjavik, and his influence lives on. The renovated workspace will continue with his legacy of finding the right balance between work & networking, with a focus on promoting creativity and innovation.

They welcome members from partnership clubs worldwide to Iceland, and they're eager to showcase their hospitality. If needed, they can help you plan your trip to Iceland, recommend and book hotels and restaurants, tours, rental cars, entertainment, etc.


Dallas, Texas

Park House Dallas

A home for creative and entrepreneurial patrons who come together to meet, exchange ideas, dine, dance, and participate in one-of-a-kind events in a contemporary and social environment that delivers extraordinary experiences.

Park House hosts a number of events each week, often featuring tastings and workshops, live music at the club, and on-site and virtual cultural programming. Park House also hosts an exclusive art program.



Park House Houston

Park House Houston is dedicated to curating world class, culturally enriched experiences — inside and outside of their house. Their membership includes a diverse group of epicureans and creatives, entrepreneurs and business leaders, philanthropists and more. Here, they exchange ideas, dine, dance and otherwise elevate the everyday.


Austin, Texas

The Pershing

Pershing is a private club founded in Austin in 2014. Pershing members represent a unique and diverse community of Austin’s social leaders and influencers from entrepreneurs to creatives.

Programming at Pershing features wine and specialty tastings, weekly poker games, pizza night, cooking classes, private performances, film screenings, conferences, pop up shops, dancing, and so much more.

Pershing recently launched Pershing Foundation and its concert series Austin Music Feed, with the mission of promoting the arts and advancing education of the arts utilizing online engagement, connection, and inspiration.


Boston, Massachusetts

The ‘Quin House

One of Back Bay’s most glamorous and historic buildings, originally constructed in 1888 by McKim Mead and White has been reimagined by world-renowned designer Ken Fulk, transforming 217 Commonwealth Avenue into playground for the mind and the senses, a retreat in the heart of the city, a “home away from home." Whether you’re there to work or to play, you’ll dine, drink, and mingle in elegant comfort.